Day: December 8, 2020

Azure Azure Synapse

Introduction to Azure Purview

Advancing Analytics highlights the newest member of the Azure Synapse family: Azure Purview. In this video, Simon runs through the basics of getting set up with Purview, how to register data sources and start your data governance journey.

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How to Apply MLOps at Scale

This video is continuation of “Automated Production Ready ML at Scale” in last Spark AI Summit at Europe. In this session you will learn about how H&M evolves reference architecture covering entire MLOps stack addressing a few common challenges in AI and Machine learning product, like development efficiency, end to end traceability, speed to production, […]

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Tis the Season of Winning!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I am a firm believer of taking time to develop yourself to your full potential. Data Driven listeners may also know about when and why I celebrate the new year. I’m also a huge fan of EdMylett and his podcast. I encourage you to watch […]

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DeepMind Augments, Salutes the JAX Library Ecosystem
Google TensorFlow

DeepMind Augments, Salutes the JAX Library Ecosystem

Google’s UK-based lab and research company DeepMind has added Jraph to the growing number of open-sourced libraries around JAX, while surveying the machine learning framework’s development and ecosystem. JAX is a Python library that Google researchers developed and introduced in 2018 for high-performance numerical computing. JAX combines NumPy, automatic differentiation, and GPU/TPU support. In a […]

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December 2020 Databricks Customer Newsletter

Need a quick video to keep up on all the recent happenings with Databricks? Look no further than this December 2020 newsletter the team put together!

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Power Apps

Anyone Can be a Developer with Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

How do you make one of the world’s busiest collaboration hubs even more collaborate-y? You make it a low-code app development platform anyone can use to quickly and easily build an app or intelligent chat bot to improve a work process. In this episode of The Solutions Show with Corey, Bryony Wolf joins Corey “Snacks” […]

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The Applications of Matrices

Zach Star echoes my thoughts with this video on what he wishes his teachers told him about matrices. Given the relevance of linear algebra to quantum computing, this could not be more timely.

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AI Power Apps

Learning About Power Automate and AI Builder

Learning about Power Automate and AI Builder by building out end-to-end scenarios to make everyday tasks more efficient and automated!

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