Day: December 7, 2020


Why Postgres Is So Popular?

Ever wondered why Postgresql is all the rage right now. I know I do. In this video, James Vance gets into some reasons why “That Postgres Is So Hot Right Now”. 

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WebAPI Improvements in .NET 5 – OpenAPI, Better F5, and NSwag

Tim Corey walks us through the WebAPI improvements in .NET 5. In this video, we are going to look at the integration of OpenAPI into the project, how it works, and then why it is so important. We will also look briefly at NSwag and how to use it to generate API clients for our […]

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BBC Click’s Inclusive Vision Of The Future

BBC Click explores the latest developments around accessibility and inclusion in tech to coincide with the International Day of Persons With Disabilities, Click Blind reporter Lucy Edwards investigates how AI helps visually-impaired people identify people and objects with their phones, while Niamh Hughes looks at the strides made in gaming accessibility, through the prism of […]

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Uber Engineering Releases Horovod v0.21: New Features Include Local Gradient Aggregation For TensorFlow v1 and v2

Uber Engineering Releases Horovod v0.21

Given its ability to speed up neural network training, I’m surprised we don’t hear more about Horovod. Horovod was open-sourced in 2017, and it has grown to become the standard solution for scaling deep learning training to hundreds of GPUs. Horovod can reduce training times from days or weeks to hours or minutes by adding […]

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How Do the Best Hackers Learn Their Craft?

Did you ever wonder how the best hackers learn their craft? In this talk from a recent RSA Conference David Brumley, CEO, ForAllSecure, explains.

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Big Data Data

Steve Astorino on Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Tanmay Bakshi interviews Steve Astorino on Enterprise Cloud Strategies.

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Raspberry Pi

Is This the Fastest Raspberry Pi SATA RAID NAS?

Jeff Geerling shows us how he built the fastest native SATA RAID array on a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, and set it up as a NAS server, testing out hard drives and SSDs, and different RAID setups like RAID 0, 1, and 10.

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Azure DevOps Open Source

Azure Unblogged on GitHub

On this episode of Azure Unblogged.  hear from Martin Woodward, Director of Developer Relations at GitHub.  Martin and I discuss why GitHub is something that IT Pros and System Administrators should look at learning GitHub.  The new features GitHub Actions and GitHub Codespaces and how they integrate with Azure as well as the forthcoming GitHub […]

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Azure Kubernetes

Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes with GitOps

Lior Kamrat shows Scott Hanselman how Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes provides an easy way to apply GitOps configurations on Kubernetes clusters deployed outside of Azure, which enables you to control and govern those clusters and applications using GitHub repositories as the “single source of truth.”       Related Resources Azure Arc overview Azure Arc pricing Azure Arc […]

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