Day: November 25, 2020

Data Driven

Have You Ever Livestreamed from the Beach? You will.

In this Data Point, I stream live from the beach to talk about how sometimes specific predictions of the future are correct, even if they miss some details. In the 1990s, AT&T ran a series of commercials, highlighting the ways in which the internet would transform our lives. One that stands out is the prediction […]

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AI Virtual Reality

Near-Perfect Virtual Hands For Virtual Reality

Two Minute Papers takes a look at the paper “MEgATrack: Monochrome Egocentric Articulated Hand-Tracking for Virtual Reality” in the video below.

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Machine Learning Quantum Computing

Building a Quantum Classifier Live

Siraj Raval explains Quantum Machine Learning in the fun and approachable way he’s know for. Quantum Machine Learning may sounds daunting to most people, but it’s way more fun to learn about than Classical Machine Learning. Creative algorithms that leverage concepts like quantum entanglement and superposition are already being studied by various teams to enable […]

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Big Data Databricks Spark

Data Quality Testing in the Medallion Architecture with PyTest and PySpark

Here’s a great Lightning talk from Data + AI Summit 2020 by Carter Kilgour on ”Why data quality is especially important in the medallion architecture, and how to ensure it with scheduled testing and reporting.”

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Funny Site Updates

Thanksgiving Throwback: The Frank’s World TV Thanksgiving Special

Here’s a throwback from six years ago, when I used some my early VFX to make it look like I had a special guest. No La Vignes were harmed in the filming of this video. Also, Avril’s presence is phony. The dog’s speech, however, is genuine and heartfelt.

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