Day: November 24, 2020

AI Azure

How to Accelerate Innovation with AI at Scale

Did you ever wonder how much further AI can scale? In this session, Nidhi Chappell (Head of Product, Specialized Azure Compute at Microsoft) and Christopher Berner (Head of Compute at OpenAI) share their perspectives and insight about how the Microsoft-OpenAI partnership is taking significant steps to eliminate the barriers of scale to AI processes. Of […]

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Azure HPC Platform At-A-Glance

The rapid evolution of the cloud to support massive computational models across HPC and AI workloads is shifting paradigms giving customers options that were previously only possible with dedicated on-premises solutions or supercomputing centers. Steve Scott, Technical Fellow and CVP Hardware Architecture at Microsoft Azure, shares his experiences from his first 5 months at Microsoft. […]

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IoT Maker

House Plant Monitoring and Watering with IoT

Caroline Dunn has been working on am electronic house plant monitoring and watering system.  In part 4 of her series, she covers Relays & Pumps.

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Science Space

Are Warp Drives Possible? The Answer May Surprise You.

Sabine Hossenfelder covers the latest news in warp drive development. Yes, you read that right. What is a warp drive? Are they scientifically possible? How does the Alcubierre drive work?

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Azure IoT

The Future of IoT Solutions Development Today!

Azure IoT Plug and Play is now natively supported in IoT Central. Solution builders can develop end-to-end IoT solutions using IoT Central and PnP ready devices with zero code. This drastically reduces development and deployment costs and overall time to market. ISVs and partners building Line of Business (LOB) applications can rapidly accelerate development by […]

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