Day: November 16, 2020


How To Stay Safe Online

With more and more services going online, internet safety needs to be at the forefront of a lot more conversations. BBC Click  examines the role of security, online education and more. How can we keep teenagers safe online? We look at a new AI system that monitors video content on the fly and blurs anything […]

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AI Data Science

Andrew Huberman on Neuroscience of Optimal Performance

Lex Fridman interviews Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist at Stanford, about optimal performance.

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AI Research

This AI Makes Puzzle Solving Look Easy!

Two Minute Papers  explores the paper “C-Space Tunnel Discovery for Puzzle Path Planning” in this video.

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NextVPU breaks the Performance Records of AI Chips on the Edge Side, and supports “Algorithm Deployment Within 5 Minutes”

NextVPU breaks the Performance Records of AI Chips on the Edge Side

The next big wave of innovation in AI deployments are going to be hardware related as Edge computing rises in prominence. In less than five years after its establishment, NextVPU has reinforced its leading position in the computer vision industry. Its “ blockbuster products ” are N1 series computer vision chips . With the high […]

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What are Complex Fibonacci Numbers?

Stand-up Maths explains what complex Fibonacci numbers are and why we should care. 

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How Do Brains Count?

Professor Brian Butterworth is a neuroscientist who specialises in numbers and mathematics. More from this interview at

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