Day: November 15, 2020


The Tech Helping To Treat Depression

264 million people around the world who experience depression and technology is coming to their aid. BBC Click examines.

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AI Computer Vision

How to Kick Off Your Career with Custom Vision

Mikolaj Sienkiewicz, a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, shares his experience in the Imagine Cup Competition as well as his project “Asisto”.

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The 10 Equations that Rule the World

The Royal Institution explores the ten equations that run the world.

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What are Random Boolean Networks

Random boolean networks also have some surprising properties. Computerphile demonstrates how complex systems can arise from simple rules. Dr Alex Turner generates some

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The Future of Healthcare: 3D Printing Human Parts

Venture City  takes a look at the future of 3d printing when it comes to the human body. Sci-fi movies and TV shows such as The Expanse or Westworld, feature machines and devices that can build an injured person back up. But a lot of this tech is being developed today.

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High-performance Services with gRPC: What’s new in .NET 5

gRPC is a high-performance RPC framework used by developers around the world to build fast apps. In this talk learn about what’s new in gRPC for .NET 5, like performance improvements, gRPC-Web, Blazor WebAssembly support, Hosting on Http.sys and IIS, and OpenTelemetry.

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