Day: November 7, 2020

Microsoft Power Apps

How to Move Microsoft Forms Data to Microsoft Lists

Recently, I had a chance to use Microsoft Lists at work. Needless to say, I was curious to learn more and how to import data into the platform. April Dunnam shows us how to use Microsoft Forms data in Microsoft Lists. Microsoft Forms is a great tool for creating simple input forms for scenarios such […]

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Developer Java Windows

Java Developer Productivity on Windows

Explore new ways to setup your Windows dev environment MUCH more quickly and easily than before. Along the way we’ll learn about a bunch of new and exciting productivity-boosting features and technologies that will enable you to write and build your Java code for Windows and Linux – side by side, in harmony.       Related Links: […]

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Data Developer

Real-time Data fetching with GraphQL and Blazor

GraphQL supports the ability to subscribe to event streams to enable somewhat real-time scenarios for both clients and servers. In this episode of the On .NET show, HotChocolate author Michael Staib returns to show us how to enable real-time data fetching with GraphQL using subscriptions . Video Contents [02:02] – What is real-time data fetching? […]

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Azure Data

Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flows Tutorial

Adam Marczak – Azure for Everyone shows us how Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flow can create fast and scalable on-demand transformations with a using visual user interface.

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Developer DevOps

GitHub Codespaces

Check out Microsoft’s vision for cloud-powered development environments that enable developers to get up and running quickly and work from anywhere on any platform. Visual Studio PM Vix Ryan shows the ease of power of GitHub Codespaces. To learn more and request early access, go to

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AI Python TensorFlow

Machine Learning and Scientific Computing with Python

In this episode, Seth and Tania will talk about the Python community and the scientific Python ecosystem. So if you always wanted to know what is so great about Python for Machine learning and its community this episode is for you. More Information: Python and Tensorflow What is DVC Run Jupyter Notebooks Create a Free […]

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