Day: November 5, 2020

Quantum Computing

Will Your Next Computer be a Quantum Computer?

Two Bit da Vinci ponders what recent advances in quantum computing mean for science, medicine, and humanity. While it’s unlikely that your next laptop or cellphone will be a quantum computer, I wouldn’t rule out the idea of the iPhone Q coming out sometime in the next decade or two.

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What is AI fuzzing? And why it may be the next big cybersecurity threat
Developer Guest Post

4 Myths About Coding for Kids

This article originally appeared on As Computer Science continues to weave itself into more aspects of everyday life, the term “coding” has become ubiquitous throughout society. However, because a lot of the code executed in our everyday lives is embedded deep within the systems of the objects we use, there are many misconceptions regarding […]

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Quantum Computing

How Graphene Could Help Us Build Bigger and Better Quantum Computers

Quantum computers can solve problems in seconds that would take “ordinary” computers millennia, but their sensitivity to interference is major engineering obstacle. Now, researchers claim they’ve created a component that drastically cuts down on error-inducing noise. Seeker explains how graphene could make a big difference.

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Mobile Space

SpaceX Starlink Public Beta – Pricing & Details Released

Last night SpaceX sent out the first batch of invitations to people who have expressed interest in being a part of the public beta testing of the Starlink satellite internet constellation. And for the first time – SpaceX has shared actual pricing information! Mobile Internet Resource Center takes a closer look.

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7 Full Stack App Ideas for Developers

Looking for app dev inspiration to build out your portfolio or start a side hustle? Here are 7 unusual app ideas. 

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Virtual Reality

The Evolution of Virtual Reality by 2025

VR short for Virtual Reality is already shaping & transforming almost every field in our lives. Major technological breakthroughs underwent in 2020 in virtual reality and by 2025 the industry is expected to reach about $88 billion in revenue. One major obstacle the virtual reality industry needs to overcome is locomotion. While common locomotion methods […]

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Learn Flask in 10 Minutes

Learn how to use Flask, a micro web framework for Python, in this tutorial. We’ll create a local web server, initialize a few routes, and serve some local traffic. We’ll also use Flask’s render_template functionality to render HTML templates in the browser.

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