Day: November 3, 2020

AI Computer Vision Python

Intro to PyTorch Tutorial: Building Fashion Recognizer

PyTorch is one of the most popular open source machine learning framework that accelerates the path from research to production deployment. In this tutorial, Dmytro Dzhulgakov, core contributor for PyTorch, will go through an introductory level hands-on tutorial for building fashion recognizer. Related links: PyTorch Tutorials TorchVision PyTorch GitHub Tensorboard Create a Free account (Azure) […]

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Azure Data

Introducing Flexible Server in Azure Database for PostgreSQL & MySQL

Sunil Kamath joins Scott Hanselman to discuss how you can run your MySQL or Postgres database as a managed database on Azure without giving up the control you want while taking advantage of the benefits of a PaaS offering. Related Links: What is Flexible Server in Azure Database for PostgreSQL What is Flexible Server in […]

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Career Interesting

Elon Musk’s Two Rules For Learning Anything Faster

Elon Musk’s rise to fame and fortune is an epic tale of what’s possible when you devote yourself to continual learning. The Art of Improvement  examines his secrets to learning.

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Multi-master and Global Distribution with Azure Cosmos DB

In this session Mark Brown covesr concepts related to CAP/PACLC theorem that govern the behavior and performance for distributed databases. We will also discuss conflict resolution when using multi-region writes in Azure Cosmos DB. Additional resources: Global Distribution How to manage conflict resolution

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Big Data Databricks

How Do Apache Spark 3 0 and Delta Lake Enhance Reliability

Apache Spark has become the de-facto open-source standard for big data processing for its ease of use and performance. The open-source Delta Lake project improves upon Spark’s data reliability, with new capabilities like ACID transactions, Schema Enforcement, and Time Travel. Watch this webinar to learn how Apache Spark 3.0 and Delta Lake enhance Data Lake […]

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