Day: November 2, 2020


Databricks Launches New Web Series on Lakehouses

Databricks just launched a new web series: Data Brew and this is the first episode. For this first season, we will be focusing on lakehouses – combining the key features of data warehouses, such as ACID transactions, with the scalability of data lakes, directly against low-cost object stores. In our inaugural episode, we’d like to […]

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Fast Track Azure IoT Edge Projects at Scale with ZEDEDA Edge Orchestration

74% of IoT deployments slow down or stall completely as users grapple with the complexity of provisioning and managing their edge hardware at scale. Learn how the integration of ZEDEDA’s IoT Edge orchestration solution with Azure IoT makes it possible to fast track and scale your entire project. Features include one-click bulk provisioning, full lifecycle […]

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Neural Networks Python

Neural Networks from Scratch Now in Print

sentdex just showed me what’s next on my reading list.

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A Quantum Leap Forward: MVPs Educate On Bleeding-Edge Tech

A Quantum Leap Forward: MVPs Educate On Bleeding-Edge Tech

If you’ve been paying to attention to my writing over the past 10 months or so, you know that I have seen the light on quantum computing. Recently, the Microsoft MVP program highlighted two MVPs leading the way in this cutting edge space. My co-host and brother from another mother Andy Leonard, was called out […]

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Quantum Computing Science

First Room Temperature Superconductor Discovered

Superconducting materials can do amazing things that appear to defy the laws of physics, but their major drawback is that superconducting properties don’t appear unless a material is cooled to near absolute zero. Superconductors that would work at (or near)  room temperatures would, without exaggeration, would change the world and would have massive implications for […]

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Azure Azure SQL

Understanding Backup Storage Redundancy in Azure SQL

Database backups are an essential part of any business continuity and disaster recovery strategy because they protect your data from corruption or deletion. In this episode of Data Exposed with Uros Milanovic, he’ll share the two types of backups for restoring databases for Azure SQL customers, why database backups are important, how backups are kept, […]

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Machine Learning Microsoft

Microsoft Releases Preview of Machine Learning App Lobe

In 2018, Microsoft bought Lobe, a San Francisco-based startup that made a platform for building, training and shipping custom deep-learning models. I had seen a demo of this last November, but was forbidden from speaking about it publicly. 🙂 This week, Microsoft made some of Lobe’s technology publicly available and I encourage you to check […]

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State of AI Report 2020

Daniel Bourke reviews the the State of AI 2020 report in the following video. For the last three years, the State of AI Report has been published as a snapshot of what’s happened in the field of artificial intelligence over the past 12 months. This is my review/walkthrough of the 2020 version. Read the full […]

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