Day: October 18, 2020

AI Interesting

How Does Adding AI Improve Video Conferences?

NVIDIA has a demo showing off all the things that AI can do to improve video conference calls.

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Dawn of the Space Plane

Ashlee Vance reports on a New Zealand company that has built its own space-plane prototype. Dawn Aerospace hopes to establish a cheap, quick way to transport objects into orbit, and in doing so transform the commercialization of space. For decades, humans have been trying to make a plane that can reach space and return to […]

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Azure Data

Build SQL Database Projects Easily in Azure Data Studio

In this episode with Drew Skwiers-Koballa, you will be introduced to a new experience for database development with the SQL Database Projects extension for Azure Data Studio.  Whether you are familiar with SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) or new to SQL projects, you can start editing and building SQL projects in Azure Data Studio on […]

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Covid Pandemic Robotics

A Robot that Disinfects Your Home

HomeAutomationX highlights some robotic assistants to clean your home.

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Azure Hardware

Bring Compute, Storage, and Intelligence to the Edge with Azure Stack Edge

Dipti Pai joins Scott Hanselman to show how to run containerized and VM workloads to get quick, actionable insights at the edge—where data is created—using purpose-built hardware-as-a-service with Azure Stack Edge. Related links: Azure Stack Edge What is Azure Stack Edge Pro with GPU? Microsoft Hardware Experience app (iOS) Microsoft Hardware Experience app (Android) Create […]

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