Day: October 10, 2020

Covid Pandemic Data Driven

Post-Pandemic Bookstore Visit, Data, and Sugared Up Kids

In this Data Point, Frank visits the new Barnes and Noble location in Rockville, MD which is the first store in the US to sport the book retailer’s new design. Oddly enough, it looks a lot like the Amazon brick and mortar bookstore just down the road in Bethesda. With less space and a revamped […]

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Stop Publishing Your Power BI Report Until You Do These 5 Things

Guy in a Cube explains why your Power BI report could be slow and not functional. Publishing to Power BI may also show you your ugly baby. Patrick has you covered with 5 things to do before publishing to get that cute baby!

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Cryptocurrency Quantum Computing

Will Quantum Computers Break Bitcoin?

With its ability to run through prime number factorization in a heartbeat, will Quantum Computers Break Bitcoin? Content index: 00:00:00 INTRO 00:01:21 Introduction to quantum computers 00:01:56 The history of quantum computers 00:02:50 How does quantum mechanics apply to quantum computers? 00:03:36 Superpositioning? 00:04:06 What is so interesting about quantum computing? 00:05:27 Entanglement? 00:05:45 Quantum […]

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