Day: October 6, 2020

Azure SQL Server

Understanding Global VNet Peering Support for Azure SQL Managed Instance

To provide customers with an easier network configuration, all newly created virtual clusters will be enabled for access over global virtual network peering connections, now in general availability. This enables customers to pair managed instances in failover group configuration, in an easy and performant way, by simply connecting virtual networks in different regions. By utilizing […]

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AI Natural Language Processing

Transformers for Image Recognition at Scale

Yannic Kilcher explains why transformers are ruining convolutions. This paper, under review at ICLR, shows that given enough data, a standard Transformer can outperform Convolutional Neural Networks in image recognition tasks, which are classically tasks where CNNs excel. In this Video, I explain the architecture of the Vision Transformer (ViT), the reason why it works […]

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AI Microsoft

AI Applications Without a PhD

When you think of “deep learning” you might think of teams of PhDs with petabytes of data and racks of supercomputers. But it turns out that a year of coding, high school math, a free GPU service, and a few dozen images is enough to create world-class models. has made it their mission to […]

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Azure Synapse

Import Sample Data into Azure Synapse in 5 Minutes

In this video Stephen Helwig shows you how to import sample data, sample python notebooks, and sample SQL scripts to quickly get going with your Azure Synapse POC environment. 

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What are Differential Equations and how do they work?

Sabine Hossenfelder explains what differential equations are, go through two simple examples, explain the relevance of initial conditions and how differential equations generally work, and then discuss what this means to the question whether the future is determined already. Time Index: 0:00 Motivation and Content Summary 0:55 Example Disease Spread 3:25 Example Newton’s Law 5:18 […]

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