Day: October 3, 2020


Azure Load Balancer insights using Azure Monitor for Networks

Erich Robinson-Tillenburg joins Scott Hanselman to demo and explain health monitoring and configuration analysis for Azure Load Balancer using Azure Monitor for Networks, a central hub that provides access to health and connectivity monitoring for all your network resources.      Index: [0:00:00]– Overview [0:01:16]– Load Balancer insights [0:04:00]– Visualize functional dependencies [0:06:20]– Exploring the Metrics dashboard […]

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SQL Server

Brent Ozar Answers You Questions About Deadlocks Live

Brent Ozar Unlimited streamed this live Q&A on deadlocks.  

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Future Space

Why SpaceX, Virgin, & Blue Origin Are Betting On Space Tourism

While terrestrial tourism has been hit hard due to the pandemic, entrepreneurs and visionaries have their eyes cast spaceward.  Space tourism has been, almost, nonexistent in the past, but Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and Blue Origin are looking to change that. However, accessibility to space tourism remains limited to the richest of the rich, with ticket […]

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An introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks (with code in TensorFlow)
Generative AI TensorFlow

An Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks (with code in TensorFlow)

There has been a large increase in interest in generative AI models of late. Here’s a great introductory article (complete with code) on GAN’s in TensorFlow. hese are models that can learn to create data that is similar to data that we give them. The intuition behind this is that if we can get a […]

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Azure IoT

Connect any IoT sensor to Azure

You can now connect existing sensors to Azure with little to no-code using IoT Plug and Play bridge! For developers who are building IoT solutions with existing hardware attached to a Linux or Windows gateway, the IoT Plug and Play bridge provides you an easy way to connect these devices to IoT Plug and Play […]

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