Day: September 22, 2020

Linux Software

Why Everyone Needs to Learn a Little Bit of AWK!

AWK is a brilliant scripting language for processing text files, comma separated values, and text databases. Here’s why you should learn it.

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Data Microsoft

When You Should Use the New Excel LET Function

Leila Gharani explores the new LET function in Excel. Excel’s new LET function can make your formulas easier to read and it can improve the performance of your formulas so they run faster. This applies to formulas that use the same expression (e.g. formulas, values) multiple times. Time Stamps 00:00 Why use Excel’s LET function […]

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Computer Vision TensorFlow

TensorFlow.js Object Detection Made Easy

Sascha Dittmann explains how to make Object Detection in TensorFlow.js Contents: 00:00 | Intro 00:55 | Preview what I will build 01:35 | Create a Custom Vision project 03:01 | Upload & tag the images 05:41 | Train the model 06:30 | Evaluate / test the model 07:42 | Export & download the model 09:10 […]

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SQL Server

Hybrid Disaster Recovery Scenarios for SQL Server

In the conclusion to this two-part series with Allan Hirt, learn how Azure can be used to create disaster recovery solutions for your on premises Microsoft SQL Server instances and databases through the use of built-in availability features of SQL Server.  Index: 0:00 Introduction 1:22 Built in hybrid disaster recovery options overview 2:22 Hybrid Log […]

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A Tour of Azure Cosmos DB Database Operations Models

Azure Cosmos DB explains how there are new, cost-effective ways to run applications of any size and scale with Azure Cosmos DB. Explore the standard and autoscale provisioned throughput offers available today for Azure Cosmos DB, and the new serverless offer that will become available very soon. Choosing the right offer for your workload will […]

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