Day: September 17, 2020

Pratik Nadagouda and Taysser Gherfal

The New Git Experience

The Visual Studio team has spent quite a bit of time recently improving Git integration in Visual Studio 2019. PMs Pratik Nadagouda and Taysser Gherfal show the latest updates, including the new Git Repository window and Merge Conflict Resolution improvements, as well as additional ease of use features. For more information, see the blog post […]

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Rohit Nayak and Ann Hoffman
Azure Security SQL Server

How to Shut Off Public Connectivity to Azure SQL Database

In this video,  Rohit Nayak and Ann Hoffman will cover the Deny Public Network Access setting for SQL Database. Customers can use this setting to block all public access via firewall rules and exclusively rely on private endpoint connections. Chapters: [01:03] How to shut down public connectivity to my databases [01:44] Deny public network access […]

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Databricks Spark SQL Server

SQL Server and BI to Delta Lake and Lakehouses

Considering shifting gears into Spark Data Engineering? Join this fun session with Simon Whiteley (@mrsiwhiteley) and Denny Lee (@dennylee) as they chat through their meandering journeys from SQL Server & BI to Apache Spark, Delta Lake, and the emerging Data Lakehouse approach. Be prepared for a geeky, trans-Atlantic event from two data nerds!

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Scott Hunter
Career Microsoft

Becoming a Director of Program Management with .NET’s Scott Hunter

This video features Scott Hunter who is the PM director for the .NET team. We chat about the challenges that come with growing your scope, applying the lessons learned in startups and consulting to large corporations, and his early days working on BBS (bulletin board systems) for fun lead to meeting the people he’d need […]

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Qualcomm details Cloud AI 100 chipset, announces developer kit

Qualcomm Details Cloud AI 100 Chipset & Developer Kit

It’s interesting how hardware is of growing importance to the AI field. During its AI Day conference last April, Qualcomm unveiled the Cloud AI 100, a chipset purpose-built for machine learning inferencing and edge computing workloads. Details were scarce at press time, evidently owing to a lengthy production schedule. But Qualcomm today announced a release […]

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