Day: September 9, 2020

AI Ethics

How AI is Making LAWs

LAWs, short for Lethal Autonomous Weapons may change the nature of warfare forever. With the development of AI systems, drones that can autonomously find and eliminate a targeted individual are only years away not decades. [..] At this point, the issue is not with hardware but with software, meaning how fast new AI algorithms can […]

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Neural Networks Science

Are Neurons Just Electric Circuits?

The Science Asylum explores the nature of biological neurons.

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Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition and Attendance Project

Murtaza’s Workshop – Robotics and AI posted this video to explains how to perform Facial recognition with high accuracy. We will first briefly go through the theory and learn the basic implementation. Then we will create an Attendance project that will use webcam to detect faces and record the attendance live in an excel sheet. […]

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2-minute data modeling with Azure Cosmos DB

Data modeling is the process of establishing patterns and rules for how data is stored in database documents and containers and how it is accessed. You can significantly improve speed and performance of Azure Cosmos DB – especially for your most frequent queries – by choosing the data model that best fits the needs of […]

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