Azure Synapse has many features to help analyze data, and in this episode of Data Exposed, Ginger Grant will review how to query data stored in a Data Lake not only in Azure Synapse but also visualize the data in Power BI.

The demonstrations show how to run SQL queries against the Data Lake without using any Synapse Compute or data manipulation. Ginger will also walk-through the steps for how you can connect to Power BI from within Azure Synapse and visualize the data. To help get started Power BI and Azure Synapse, the video will walk through the steps to create Power BI Data Source files to speed connectivity.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:15 What is Azure Synapse
  • 2:27 What you can do with Azure Synapse
  • 3:40 Azure Synapse Studio
  • 5:10 Including PowerBI Demo
  • 9:40 When to use Azure Synapse
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