Day: September 2, 2020


Learn Docker in 7 Easy Steps

Here’s a complete introduction to Docker. Index: 00:00 What is Docker? 01:54 Installation & Tooling 02:40 Dockerfile 06:06 Build an Image 07:12 Run a Container 08:52 Debugging 09:35 Docker Compose

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Data Visualization Neural Networks

Visualizing Deep Learning

vcubingx provides a visual introduction to the structure of an artificial neural network. The Neural Network, A Visual Introduction | Visualizing Deep Learning, Chapter 1 0:00 Intro 1:55 One input Perceptron 3:30 Two input Perceptron 4:40 Three input Perceptron 5:17 Activation Functions 6:58 Neural Network 9:45 Visualizing 2-2-2 Network 10:59 Visualizing 2-3-2 Network 12:33 Classification […]

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C++ Crash Course For Beginners

In this beginner crash course on Traversy Media, you will learn the fundamentals of C++ Timestamps: 00:07 – CodeBeauty Intro 00:37 – C++ Intro 04:34 – Installing Visual Studio 2019 Community 05:33 – Creating C++ Console app project? 09:44 – Primitive Data types and Variables 13:39 – Arrays 19:15 – If/else statement 20:20 – Ternary […]

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Future Interesting

Can 5G Replace Your Home Internet?

Blazing fast 5G speeds are here but they aren’t all that useful on the new 5G smartphones. WSJ’s Joanna Stern packed up a motor home to see if the connection could power all her connected gadgets, including laptops, printers, Xboxes and camera-equipped doorbells.

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