Day: September 1, 2020


High Impact Tuesdays Livestream

Here’s a new segment I am trying out on LinkedIn Live.

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This 30-Ton Robot Could Help Scientists Produce the Crops of the Future

Arizona has what researchers call “the climate of tomorrow, today.” Scientists are using a 30-ton robotic field scanner in the state to study plant genetics and hopefully develop stress-resilient crops.

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Big Data Data

6 Free Add-Ins for Excel to Start Using Now

In this video Leila Gharani covers the Best 6 FREE Excel Add-Ins to improve your reporting, data analysis and make your life a LOT easier. Time Stamps: 00:00 Best FREE Excel Add-Ins 00:55 How to Install Add-Ins in Excel 01:45 QR4Office 02:47 Web Video Player 03:41 Visio Data Visualizer 07:16 People Graph 09:14 Mini Calendar […]

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Deep Dive into C# Async/Await/Task

Take a deep dive into the asynchronous programming style in C# we take a deep diving looking at the state machine that the async keyword spawns. Source: Related Articles

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Developer Interesting

Can WordPress Run on .NET Core?

Peachpie is an open source project that allows for a seamless interoperability between PHP and .NET applications. In this video, Benjamin and Jakub from the Peachier project show us how they enable developers to run WordPress on .NET Core. Index: [01:19] – Why run WordPress on .NET? [03:22] – What enables WordPress to run on […]

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Data Science Mathematics Statistics

A Clear Explanation of Naive Bayes

StatQuest with Josh Starmer explains Naive Bayes in a clear way. When most people want to learn about Naive Bayes, they want to learn about the Multinomial Naive Bayes Classifier – which sounds really fancy, but is actually quite simple. This video walks you through it one step at a time and by the end, […]

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