Day: August 8, 2020

Livestream Quantum Computing

How Quantum Computers Are Like a Magic 8 Ball, Omni Magazine, and Mr. Rogers on Channel 13.

In this livestream, I use a Magic 8 Ball to explain super position and get nostalgic for Omni Magazine.

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Databricks Spark

Deep Dive into GPU Support in Apache Spark 3.x

GPU support in Apache Spark presents massive opportunities for significant speedup of ETL, ML and DL applications. Here’s a great video by Databricks on the specifics. In this deep dive, we give an overview of accelerator aware task scheduling, columnar data processing support, fractional scheduling, and stage level resource scheduling and configuration. Furthermore, we dive […]

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Delivering a Seamless Data Solution at Scale with Azure Arc

The Microsoft Azure channel explains how KPMG Japan uses Azure Arc to build out a seamless data solution. KPMG Ignition Tokyo, the centerpiece of KPMG Japan’s digital strategy, delivers specialty software solutions to its global clients. With a multi-cloud and hybrid approach, the firm is rolling out its next-generation, AI-based audit software built on Azure, […]

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