Day: August 5, 2020

Maker Science

Great DIY Powerwall Project

Yesterday, the East Coast was hit hard by a tropical storm that left millions without power. That got me thinking (and searching) about off-grid alternatives, which led me to jehugarcia’s video on his home DIY Powerwall project.

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Covid Pandemic Developer

How Developers and Teams Can Learn to Work Remotely

In this video, learn about tools to work remote for developers and teams.  

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This Photon-Printed Carbon Is Stronger Than Diamond

Scientists might have reached the theoretical limit of how strong this particular material can get, designing the first-ever super-light carbon nanostructure that’s stronger than diamond. The latest development in the nanoworld of carbon comes from a team that has designed something called carbon plate-nanolattices. Under a scanning electron microscope, they look like little cubes, and […]

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IoT Speech and Voice

Voice-enabled IoT scenarios with Custom Commands

Custom Commands makes it easy to build rich voice commanding apps optimized for voice-first interaction experiences. This session will walk through what Custom Commands is and how to use it for voice commanding scenarios. Learn more about Custom Commands at

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SQL Server Uncategorized

How Resumable Indexes in SQL Server 2019 Makes Your Job Easier

Microsoft continues to push the envelope on feature capabilities with every release of SQL Server.  One of the more prominent features that was released with Microsoft SQL Server 2019 is the ability to resume or throttle certain index operations. Have you ever want to just stop and then resume an index operation picking up where […]

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