Day: August 4, 2020


What’s new with Neural Text to Speech

Learn about Microsoft’s latest progress on Text to Speech, and how you could use it to enable your apps to speak naturally.      More Information: CS Text To Speech Text To Speech Doc Speech Studio Create a Free account (Azure) Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning  Get Started with Machine Learning Don’t miss new episodes, subscribe to […]

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Performance in a DevOps World with Flood

How do you incorporate load testing into your DevOps pipeline? In this episode, Tim Koopmans walks us through the steps of writing a browser-based load testing script using Flood Element, adding it as a task in Azure Pipelines, and ramping it up using Tricentis Flood. Running load tests continuously allows teams to easily spot performance […]

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AI Raspberry Pi Robotics

Robot AI Demo – NVidia Deep Learning, ROS Navigation, Raspberry Pi

James Bruton demonstrates running NVidia Deep Learning models using Jetson Nano, ROS Mapping and Navigation with TutrleBot 3 Burger, ROS Arduino demo, and various thoughts about a Raspberry Pi based ROS handset.

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Why You Should Turn On Two Factor Authentication

Tom Scott explains why turning on two factor authentication is a good idea. The short answer is: “because it’ll make things more secure”. The long answer involves Ronald Reagan.  

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Why are there so many ads on YouTube lately?

Have you noticed the massive increase in advertising on YouTube videos lately? xjet has also and explains what’s going on. Have you wondered why? Here’s my theory and here is why I believe it is a threat to all monetized creators.

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