Day: August 3, 2020


How to Perform Usage Analysis with Azure Monitor Application Insights

Learn how Azure Monitor Application Insights enables you to perform usage analysis to understand which features of your app are most frequently used and if users achieve their goals in your app. It provides visibility into users, sessions, events, and includes out of the box workflows to analyze business funnels, user flows and user retention.   […]

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Interesting Science Security

How Can Microphones Record Light?

The Action Lab shows us what light sounds like in a microphone by performing my very first recording of his voice being transferred to a microphone through light. This has interesting security implications for voice activated devices like Alexa and Google Home. 

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A New Way to Start Linear Algebra

MIT OpenCourseWare provides a this course for free. Given its prominence to neural networks and quantum computing, now is a good time to learn Linear Algebra. MIT A 2020 Vision of Linear Algebra, Spring 2020Instructor: Gilbert StrangView the complete course: Playlist: Professor Strang describes independent vectors and the column space of a matrix […]

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Maker Solar

Should You Build or Buy a 5V USB Portable Solar Power Charger?

In this video, GreatScott! takes a closer look at a commercial 5V USB portable solar power charger. After measuring its output power and pretty much “short reviewing” the product, I will try to make my own DIY version that should cost around the same while outputting more power! Let’s get started!

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Azure IoT

Deep Dive: Integrating 3D Models and IoT data with iTwin and Azure Digital Twins

Microsoft Developer is currently live streaming this session on Azure Digital Twins. In this session we will demonstrate an application that combines 3D models, 2D maps, and reality mesh into a single environment for visualization. Within that environment we will demonstrate a live, real time, seamless visualization of IoT data streams. Next we will walk […]

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AI Reinforcement Learning

AI-Driven Basketball Players Dribble Like Mad

Two Minute Papers explains the paper “Local Motion Phases for Learning Multi-Contact Character Movements” in the video below.

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College Algebra Free and Full 6 Hour+ Course

Learn Algebra in this full college course. Algebraic concepts are often used in programming.  This course was created by Dr. Linda Green, a lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Check out her YouTube channel:   Chapters: (0:00:00) Exponent Rules (0:10:14) Simplifying using Exponent Rules (0:21:18) Simplifying Radicals (0:31:46) Factoring (0:45:08) Factoring […]

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing 2020 Update

ExplainingComputers just posted his annual Quantum Computing update. Quantum computing review, including Google’s quantum supremacy claims, quantum cloud developments (QCaaS), trapped ion quantum computing, and a brief look at Python quantum coding! More information on quantum computing can be found on his web page at Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:41 Quantum basics 01:56 Quantum supremacy […]

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Economics of AI Funny

A Little AI Humor

While the AI future may be here and the consequences may be dire in the short term, the longer term outlook may not be so bad.

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Chatbots Power Apps

Power up Teams with Power Virtual Agent with Luise Freese

In this episode of #LessCodeMorePower Dona and Sarah are joined by Luise Freese, a senior consultant working in business applications. Luise designs visually the business logic and process of the applications she builds, giving a really unique edge to her presentations. In this episode, Luise talks us through common business problems she has found with […]

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