"Selling" Open Source

It might seem paradoxical to want to “sell” open source, but lo these many years into the open source revolution, many organizations have yet to get the message. 

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Listen in as  James Genus helps makes sense of it all, giving us the insights we need to convince the laggards to get onboard.

ABOUT: Microsoft Principal Cloud Solution Architect James Genus Jr. has been working in the technology field for over 20 years. Working across multiple industries including manufacturing, construction, research and technology, open source solutions have been trusted companions helping to solve technical and business challenges.

LINKS: OpenSource.net, Open Source Blog (Microsoft), Open Source Initiative

CREDITS: Louis Berman (Host); James Genus (Guest); Dan Phillipson / PremiumBeat (Music); Anne Lamb (Intro/Outro); East Coast Studio (Editing)

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