Day: July 16, 2020

Machine Learning Robotics

Sergey Levine on Robotics and Machine Learning

Lex Fridman interviews Sergey Levine in episode 108 of his podcast. Sergey Levine is a professor at Berkeley and a world-class researcher in deep learning, reinforcement learning, robotics, and computer vision, including the development of algorithms for end-to-end training of neural network policies that combine perception and control, scalable algorithms for inverse reinforcement learning, and […]

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Azure Computer Vision Video Production

Microsoft Rocket for Democratizing Live Video Analytics

It’s the golden era for computer vision, AI, and machine learning – now is a great time to extract value from videos to impact science, society, and business. Microsoft Rocket‘s goal is to democratize video analytics: build a system for real-time, low-cost, and private analysis of live videos. In this video, learn how Microsoft’s Live […]

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Counting cars was once a job Raleigh — now an AI does it
CivicTech Computer Vision Economics of AI

Counting Cars was Once a Job in Raleigh — Now AI Does It

Raleigh, North Carolina, has turned to machine learning to improve mobility and urban planning in the face of a “deluge of data” that the fast-growing capital city has acquired over the last several years, according to city GIS and emerging technology manager James Alberque. Speaking at an virtual conference hosted this week by the mapping […]

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Azure DevOps

GitLab into Azure

Restore and deploy a complete Azure infrastructure using GitLab’s CI/CD pipelines. Jump To: [00:38] What is GitLab? [02:18] Demo start [03:24] Pipelines overview [04:55] Build definitions [05:54] Runners [07:36] Pipeline output [09:00] Results Learn More: About GitLab GitLab Docs Running GitLab on Microsoft Azure Azure DevOps Docs GitHub Actions Create a Free Azure DevOps Account

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Introducing Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions

Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions is an Azure-native monitoring solution for customers running their SAP landscapes on Azure.  Syeda Persia Aziz joins Scott Hanselman to show how it collects and consolidates telemetry data from Azure infrastructure and databases at one central location, regardless of the underlying infrastructure (Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Large Instances, or both).  […]

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