Day: July 10, 2020

Linux Windows

Windows Terminal, WSL & PowerShell

PhillyDotNet recently streamed this session on Windows Terminal, WSL & PowerShell.

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Choosing the Right Partition Key for Cost and Performance with Azure Cosmos DB

In this video, learn how selecting the right partition key can make a huge difference in cost and performance with Azure Cosmos DB. Program Manager Deborah Chen discusses how data partitioning ensures scale, why partition keys are so important for performance and cost-management, and how to select the right partition key for read-heavy or write-heavy […]

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SQL Server

Why Azure SQL is Best for Developers – Part 2

Continuing from part 1, learn why Azure SQL is the best database in the cloud for developers, dive deeper into architectures, and review customer case studies to truly understand how Azure SQL really shines. Click here to watch part one. Video index: [01:05] Data architectures applied with Azure SQL [03:00] Hyperscale [04:00] Demand analytics, forecasting, […]

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Data Driven Livestream Robotics

Data Driven Live: Robots, Data, and Retail

Andy Leonard and I recorded our second Data Driven show live on Linked In. This time, we talked about the “three Rs of the 2020s,” Robots, Retail, and Reskilling. Watch below or listen to the show on the Data Driven website.

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