Day: July 8, 2020

AI Ethics

Should Conscious AI Have Rights?

Big Think asks the question:  Does conscious AI deserve rights? Given that we still have trouble defining consciousness in ourselves, this debate resides largely in the philosophical realm rather than the legal or scientific arenas – for now anyways.

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Ethical Hacking Explained In 8 Minutes

Simplilearn explains ethical hacking in under ten minutes. In today’s era, the global cyber security market is booming. In this video, you will understand what a cyberattack is, the need for cyber security, the meaning of the widely used term hacking, and the different types of hackers. Through this video, you will also learn the […]

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Data Modelling and Partitioning in Azure Cosmos DB

For many newcomers to Azure Cosmos DB, the learning process starts with data modeling and partitioning. How should I structure my data? When should I co-locate data in a single container? Should I de-normalize or normalize properties? What’s the best partition key for my model? In this demo-filled session, learn the strategies and thought process […]

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AI Mobile

Creating a Xamarin Mobile App for Predictive Models

In this video, Jon Wood will show how to make predictions in a mobile application using Xamarin Forms. Code –  

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Azure DevOps

Demystifying ARM Templates: Parameters

In this tutorial you will learn how to use parameters to make your template dynamic and easier to use. Related links: Code Samples Parameters in Azure Resource Manager templates Other DevOps Links: Create a Free Azure DevOps Account Azure DevOps Docs Write Cool Code GitHub Actions

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ONNX Runtime

ONNX Runtime inference engine is capable of executing ML models in different HW environments, taking advantage of the neural network acceleration capabilities. Microsoft and Xilinx worked together to integrate ONNX Runtime with the VitisAI SW libraries for executing ONNX models in the Xilinx U250 FPGAs. We are happy to introduce the preview release of this […]

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