Why Do Large Companies Open-Source Their Tech?

Why Do Large Companies Open-Source Their Tech?

There was once a time when folks pondered whether or not open source would be a viable business model.

Today, that sounds comical, a there are numerous open-source tech companies today, some of which have gone beyond $100 million (or even $1 billion) in their annual revenue including RedHat, MongoDB, Cloudera, MuleSoft, Hashicorp, Databricks (Spark) and Confluent (Kafka).

Why do tech companies open source their products?

“Open-source is an enabler of innovation, giving organisations access to a global pool of talent and the tools to develop secure, reliable and scalable software – fast. The organisations that are most effectively speeding up business transformation are those who have turned to open-source software development to succeed in a fast-changing, digital world,” told Maneesh Sharma, General Manager of Github India in an interview with Analytics India Magazine.


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