Day: June 21, 2020

Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse and Just-In-Time Inventory at Aggreko

Microsoft Mechanics explores how Aggreko is evaluating Azure Synapse to increase operational efficiency with just-in-time supply of their specialist equipment. Aggreko is a global leader in the supply of temporary power generation and temperature control systems, providing backup energy and power supply during times of crisis. Join Jeremy Chapman, as Elizabeth Hollinger, Director of Data […]

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Speech and Voice

How to Develop an Alexa Skill Without Code

Here’s an interesting video on how to build a custom Alexa skill using Backendless Codeless. The video shows a few samples of integrating Codeless services to handle Alexa requests.

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Azure IoT

Low Power Scenarios with Azure Sphere

Power Down in Azure Sphere enables power-constrained scenarios for IoT devices to provide more flexibility and options for power management when building and deploying Azure Sphere devices. Tyler Fox, PM in the Azure Sphere OS team, demos Power Down and talks through low-power IoT device scenarios and how Azure Sphere maintains device security and connectivity […]

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AI Philosophy Fridays

Joscha Bach on Artificial Consciousness and the Nature of Reality

Lex Fridman interviews Joscha Bach. Joscha Bach is the VP of Research at the AI Foundation, previously doing research at MIT and Harvard. Joscha work explores the workings of the human mind, intelligence, consciousness, life on Earth, and the possibly-simulated fabric of our universe. This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast. Content index: […]

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Javasscript Space

SpaceX used JavaScript in Dragon Flight

SpaceX just launched and used Chromium + JavaScript to build it’s UI interface for astronauts. codedamn explores.

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