Day: June 18, 2020


Python & MySQL Crash Course

Traversy Media provides a a beginner-based crash course on working with MySQL with the Python programming language. 

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Facial Recognition Security

Facial Recognition Bans are Trending

Hak5’s latest edition of Threatwire highlights some fascinating recent developments in the security field. Lamphone Can “See” Your Conversations, Facial Recognition Bans are Trending, and Honda was Hit With Ransomware

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Why is there a Blank in My Power BI slicer?

Did you ever wonder why you have a blank in your Power BI slicer? Patrick from Guy in a Cube  shows you what is going on and how to fix it! Download sample:  

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Cool things you can do with a Linux Server at Home

Larry Apolonio spoke at linuxfestnorthwest about the cool things you can do with a Linux server in your hose. Last year, there were a couple of presentations on DIY IoT projects that did not rely on a cloud service, but other than home assistant, what other things can you do with a Linux Server at […]

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