Day: June 12, 2020

Machine Learning

How to Debug PyTorch Source Code

deeplizard teaches us how to set up debugging for PyTorch source code in Visual Studio Code. Content index: 00:00 Welcome to DEEPLIZARD – Go to for learning resources 00:27 Visual Studio Code 00:55 Python Debugging Extension 01:30 Debugging a Python Program 03:46 Manual Navigation and Control of a Program 06:34 Configuring VS Code to […]

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End-to-End Adversarial Text-to-Speech

Text-to-speech engines are usually multi-stage pipelines that transform the signal into many intermediate representations and require supervision at each step. When trying to train TTS end-to-end, the alignment problem arises: Which text corresponds to which piece of sound? This paper uses an alignment module to tackle this problem and produces astonishingly good sound. Paper: […]

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A Computer That Runs on Marbles

The Action Lab explains the Turing Tumble that is an actual working computer with real logic.

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Cognizant Connected Factories

Cognizant’s Connected Factories is a next-generation offering that accelerates solution development and deployment for Industry 4.0 solutions helping manufacturers improve productivity, yield and safety. It shortens time to value with pre-defined information meta models as well as configurable microservices for industry standard KPIs; fully leveraging the latest of Azure IoT services stack. Learn more about […]

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AI Natural Language Processing

TransCoder: Unsupervised Translation of Programming Languages

Yannic Kilcher explores a recent innovation at Facebook Code migration between languages is an expensive and laborious task. To translate from one language to the other, one needs to be an expert at both. Current automatic tools often produce illegible and complicated code. This paper applies unsupervised neural machine translation to source code of Python, […]

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