Day: June 2, 2020

Facial Recognition IoT Maker Raspberry Pi

Smart Mirror Touchscreen with Facial Recognition using Raspberry Pi 4

Eben Kouao created a smart mirror that, in addition to built-in facial recognition, integrated with Alexa built with a Raspberry Pi 4, using the latest Operating System, Raspbian Buster (2020) You can find the compiled face detection image on our website:  Introducing Smart Mirror AI (SMAI). An IoT focused smart mirror connecting your favorite […]

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Deep Learning Python

PyTorch Dataset Normalization

deeplizard teaches us how to normalize a dataset. We’ll see how dataset normalization is carried out in code, and we’ll see how normalization affects the neural network training process. Content index: 0:00 Video Intro 0:52 Feature Scaling 2:19 Normalization Example 5:26 What Is Standardization 8:13 Normalizing Color Channels 9:25 Code: Normalize a Dataset 19:40 Training […]

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Interesting Microsoft

How to Change Default Meeting Durations in Outlook

Microsoft Mechanics shares this working from home tip: how to change default Outlook meeting length in the desktop app to give others – and yourself – a little time between meetings. By default, meetings in Outlook are set to 30 minutes, but did you know you can set them to end earlier – as a […]

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AI Natural Language Processing

GPT-3: Language Models are Few-Shot Learners

How far can you go with ONLY language modeling? Can a large enough language model perform NLP task out of the box? OpenAI take on these and other questions by training a transformer that is an order of magnitude larger than anything that has ever been built before and the results are astounding. Yannic Kilcher […]

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Raspberry Pi Video Production

OBS running on Raspberry Pi 3 or 4

OBS has changed the game for live streamers. What if it could run on a device like a Raspberry Pi? Novaspirit Tech shows us how to get OBS working with Raspberry pi 4, and compile instructions. it’s still limited on what it can do, due to the missing hardware encoder / decoder provided by OMX […]

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Machine Learning

Explainability of ML.NET Regression Models

Jon Wood shows the importance of model explainability and a few ways you can do this ML.NET with linear regression models in this video. Related links: Paper mentioned in video and where wolf vs husky photo is from – Code – ML.NET Playlist –

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