How to Use OneNote Effectively

I’ve been a fan of OneNote since I was a Tablet PC MVP, which was quite a long time ago.

However, I never feel like I’m getting the maximum benefit from the tool.

Leila Gharani share her top OneNote productivity tips.

Most of us take notes in some way or another – on a piece of paper, in a notebook, or with some app. But are your notes always readily available when you need them? And more importantly, can you easily find a specific note you’re looking for?

I tried a lot of note-taking systems in the past and I can’t tell you how many great ideas were lost over the years because I just couldn’t find the piece of paper anymore, I scribbled some notes on. It wasn’t until I found a way to use Microsoft OneNote effectively that it changed for the better. Many people don’t know that OneNote is much more than just a digital notebook.

In this OneNote tutorial (in 2020), I explore how you can take full advantage of OneNote, and share my 5 personal OneNote tips and tricks on how you can become more organized.   

Time index:

  • 01:46 Use Hierarchies to Get Organized
  • 04:37 Use Tags to Find What You Need
  • 07:04 Capture Ideas Anywhere With Sticky Notes
  • 08:23 Extract Text From Images
  • 09:35 Focus With Immersive Reader
  • 11:04 Additional features in OneNote you may find helpful (Ink to Shape, Ink to Text, Ink to Math)


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