Day: May 15, 2020

Nifty Online Tool Animates Your Actions in Real-Time
Computer Vision Facial Recognition TensorFlow

AI Powered Online Tool Animates Your Actions in Real-Time

As a content creator, I appreciate tools that quickly and easily make me able to generate content. Throw AI and computer vision into the mix, then I’m all in. Here’s a cool tool that will radically transform animation. Pose Animator basically animates users’ poses and movements from either a camera feed or a static image, […]

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Azure Data SQL Server

Private Link for Azure SQL Database Part 1

In the first part of this two-part video segment, Rohit Nayak explains what Private Endpoint for Azure SQL Database is and how it relates to the overall connectivity story for Azure SQL. You can learn more about Private Link in Azure SQL Database here , and Private Link generally for Azure here At […]

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Meet Morpheus, the AI that'll show you how deep the universe's rabbit hole goes: Code can detect, classify galaxies from 'scope scans
AI Space TensorFlow

Morpheus, the AI That Shows You How Deep the Universe’s Rabbit Hole Goes

Astrophysicists have developed an AI to help scientists automatically detect and describe galaxies observed by telescopes surveying the distant sky. The program, known as Morpheus, was built over a two-year period by a computer scientist and an astrophysicist at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Morpheus employs a range of computer vision algorithms, including a […]

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A Lightning-Fast Introduction to Deep Learning and TensorFlow 2.0
Neural Networks TensorFlow

A Lightning-Fast Introduction to Deep Learning and TensorFlow 2.0

From navigating to a new place to picking out new music, AI backed algorithms have laid the foundation for much of modern life. In this article, get a higher-level view of Google’s TensorFlow deep learning framework, with the ultimate goal of helping you to understand and build your own deep learning algorithms from scratch. Over […]

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Cognitive Services Python

Using Cognitive Services to Help Moderate Content

Jon Wood shows us some of the features in the Content Moderation service within the Cognitive Services. Notebook used in the video is available on GitHub.

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