Day: May 4, 2020

IoT Maker

Why Build an Entire Computer on Breadboards?

Ben Eater explains why he likes to build entire computers on breadboard. 

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How to Install Python Tensorflow in Windows?

How to Install Python Tensorflow in Windows

Tensorflow is a free and open-source software library used to do computational mathematics to build machine learning models. Even though it’s developed by Google, it’s multi-platform and here’s a guide on how to install it on Windows.

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Developer Javascript

Electron JS in 100 Seconds

Fireship explains  what Electron is, who’s using it, and why it’s a big deal.

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Covid Pandemic Interesting Mathematics

Contact Tracing Technology

Computerphile takes look at the technology that may help health services to work out how viruses can spread.

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Define the Guardrails for success with Azure Blueprints

Here’s a great talk from Microsoft Ignite about governance and compliance around Azure services. Enabling your organization to easily consume Azure services can be challenging due to security, compliance and or governance requirements. Azure Blueprints allows organizations to define the guardrails for which they empower their business to succeed and drive to new heights. In […]

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Neural Network Dreams About Beautiful Natural Scenes

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “Manipulating Attributes of Natural Scenes via Hallucination” in the video below.

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Azure Security

Introduction to the Azure Sphere OS

Barry Bond and Ryan Fairfax walk through the Azure Sphere OS architecture, why we chose a Linux kernel, and how the Azure Sphere OS is designed to offer unequaled security and agility for IoT devices and experiences. Learn more visiting

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Building your own object detector — PyTorch vs TensorFlow and how to even get started?
Computer Vision TensorFlow

Building Your Own Object Detector — PyTorch vs TensorFlow

We live in an amazing time where even beginners can take on project that  were the sole domains of expert researchers a decade ago or were straight up science fiction. Here’s a great write up on the differences between PyTorch and TensorFlow when it come to object detection. As I already was an experienced data […]

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Databricks for Data Engineering

ThorogoodBI explores the use of Databricks for data engineering purposes in this webinar. Whether you’re looking to transform and clean large volumes of data or collaborate with colleagues to build advanced analytics jobs that can be scaled and run automatically, Databricks offers a Unified Analytics Platform that promises to make your life easier. In the […]

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Azure Virtual Machine and Virtual Networking Tutorial

edureka! recently livestreamed a tutorial on Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks in Azure. Course contents: 1. Compare the services available in the Azure platform 2. Configure and deploy Web Applications 3. Design and implement Azure PaaS compute and Web and Mobile Services 4. Create and Configure Azure Virtual Machines 5. Create and Manage a Storage […]

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