Waymo Driver Outlines Component-Rich Robocar

Waymo Driver Outlines Component-Rich Robocar

Waymo recently released via Youtube a lecture on “Waymo Driver,” the company’s fifth-generation robocar platform.

Presented by YooJung Ahn, head of design at Waymo, the video clip shares the new platform’s basic design ideas.

Some observers speculate that Waymo has amalgamated CPUs (i.e. Intel’s Xeon), GPUs (i.e. Nvidia) or FPGAs, in addition to Google’s own TensorFlow-based accelerators. It’s possible that Waymo designed its own highly optimized custom silicon to offload certain workloads, Rich noted.

Ahn in her presentation disclosed only two things about Waymo’s compute engine: 1) It’s custom designed, and 2) while offering “even more powerful” compute power, the compute engine’s volume is now “successfully reduced,” providing more trunk space. (Translation: On previous platforms, Waymo’s robocar depended on a server-like computer unit that occupied pretty much the whole truck.)


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