Day: April 8, 2020

Covid Pandemic Security

The Endpoint Zone on Working from home

This episode of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson is the first during our “new normal” of working from home. In this episode Brad and Simon talk about how customers are getting their workforces up and running at home while keeping them secure with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. They discuss Cloud Management Gateway for Microsoft Endpoint […]

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AI Video Production

Automatically Making YouTube Videos with Google Images

carykh explains how he automated a big chunk of his video production workflow.

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Why NASA Quarantined the Apollo 11 Astronauts

With quarantines back in the public consciousness, you’d be surprised to hear that the Apollo 11 astronauts were themselves quarantined upon returning to Earth. Vox explains: In this episode of History Club, Vox’s Phil Edwards and Coleman Lowndes chat with Amy Shira Teitel of The Vintage Space about the Apollo 11 quarantine. It was an […]

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Covid Pandemic Data Visualization Developer Javascript

How to Create a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard & Map App in React

Colby Fayock teaches us how to create a new map with confirmed cases using the Novel COVID Coronavirus API. He’ll walk through bootstrapping an app with the Leaflet Gatsby Starter, fetching data from the API, and applying it to the map with Leaflet. More Resources Coronavirus Map Demo Github with commit by commit steps […]

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