Day: April 2, 2020

Quantum Computing Science

Bringing the Power of Quantum Computing to Chemistry

Because our most powerful classical computers are limited in the chemical modeling they can perform, so are the solutions they can unlock. Quantum computing could change that. On this episode of Quantum Impact, Dr. Krysta Svore, general manager of quantum systems and software at Microsoft, heads to Richland, Washington to meet with Dr. Nathan Baker […]

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Mathematics Science

Corona Crisis is Not a Black Swan

N N Taleb’s Probability Moocs explains why the Corona crisis is not a Black Swan.

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Career Data Driven

Turning COVID-19 Pandemic Lemons 2 Learning

In this hybrid show and Data Point, Frank and Andy discuss the ongoing pandemic situation and how to help people laid off. Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at

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AI Career

Escaping the Local Optimum of Low Expectation

Lex Fridman delivers a talk with some advice about life and my own journey and passion in artificial intelligence. The audience is a group of Drexel engineering students, friends and family in Philadelphia, delivered before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Time Index: 0:00 – Overview – The Voice poem 6:46 – Artificial intelligence 13:44 […]

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Data Data Science

Ask Kate Anything – 4 Hour Live Stream About Data

Kate Strachnyi recently did a 4 hour live stream with data influencers and, I was honored to be among the guests (around the 17 minute mark).

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