Deep learning has the potential to answer questions which have been unanswered or unable to be predicted until now.

There are a variety of other machine learning algorithms, which can be used to find insights from data.

The financial sector has been using machine learning techniques for a long time in order to gain business growth through higher profit. Credit card fraud detection, stock market prediction, among others, are some of the popular machine learning approaches in this sector, which the companies have actively adopted to streamline their business operations.

Here’s an interesting read about predicting banking crises with AI.

In this article, we will discuss a deep learning technique — deep neural network — that can be deployed for predicting banks’ crisis. This experiment is based on the African economic, banking and systemic crisis data where inflation, currency crisis and bank crisis of 13 African countries between 1860 to 2014 is given. By predicting through a deep learning model, we will see that this model gives a high accuracy in this task.

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