Day: March 13, 2020

Data Microsoft

Excel Hidden Shortcut to Select Data Column including Blanks

Leila Gharani shows us a very useful Excel shortcut. You probably know the quickest way to select a column of data in Excel is with the shortcut CTRL + Shift + ⯆. But what do you do if that column includes blank cells and you’d like to highlight the entire column of data? CTRL + […]

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Hello, many worlds
Quantum Computing TensorFlow

Hello, Many Worlds

“Hello World” is the traditional example for computer languages. This tutorial showing how a classical neural network can learn to correct qubit calibration errors can be “Hello, Many Worlds.” It introduces Cirq, a Python framework to create, edit, and invoke Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) circuits, and demonstrates how Cirq interfaces with TensorFlow Quantum. Read […]

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What is the Raspberry Pi 4? Everything you need to know about the tiny, low-cost computer
IoT Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Continues to Thrive for Industrial and Automation Applications

The Raspberry Pi is widely prized for its project capabilities among engineers and makers alike. It has been used to create everything from robots to remote monitoring devices since its release back in 2012. Not long after, industry managers took note of the tiny board’s capabilities and adapted them for use in manufacturing and automation […]

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Natural Language Processing

How to Make Connected Virtual Agents

Dona and Sarah talk to Philippe about Power Virtual Agents, one of the latest technologies within the Power Platform. Watch as Philippe discusses how to use conversation to automate business processes across every organization in EVERY industry. Philippe originally was head of the Power Virtual Agent team where he has led the product to the […]

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