Day: March 5, 2020


Welcome to PowerShell 7

Microsoft is happy to announce the Generally Available (GA) release of PowerShell 7.0! Joey Aiello and Sydney Smith, PowerShell PM’s, stop by to introduce the latest news and features in PowerShell 7. PowerShell 7 is the latest major update to PowerShell, a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and macOS) automation tool and configuration framework optimized for dealing […]

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AI Azure

Empowering digital transformation with .NET, ML and Azure

Data entry automation is a huge space and has tremendous impact to many countries around the world. Raul Roa is a software engineer in the Dominican Republic who is using .NET Core and Azure to help drive the digital transformation for his country and many others around the world. Useful Links TagShelf Getting started with […]

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SQL Server

High Availability / Disaster Recovery Benefits of SQL Server Licensing

In this video, learn how you can get a better TCO for recommended SQL Server HADR architectures with your Software Assurance benefits. Outline: Intro Deploying SQL Server in High Availability / Disaster Recovery configuration HA and DR benefits introduced in November 2019 Applying HA / DR benefits to typical HA/DR configuration Contrasting licensing before and […]

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AI Space

Ann Druyan on Cosmos, Carl Sagan, Voyager, and the Beauty of Science

Lex Fridman interviews Ann Druyan, the writer, producer, director, and one of the most important and impactful communicators of science in our time. She co-wrote the 1980 science documentary series Cosmos hosted by Carl Sagan, whom she married in 1981, and her love for whom, with the help of NASA, was recorded as brain waves […]

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AI Generative AI

Can We Detect Neural Image Generators?

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “CNN-generated images are surprisingly easy to spot…for now.”

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