Day: February 28, 2020

Developer Windows

Is Windows Terminal the Secret to Command Line Happiness?

If you’re a developer (or IT professional) who likes to use the command line and appreciates an organized, customized, fast workflow, then this video is for you! Run PowerShell, Ubuntu (Linux), Azure CLI, Oh-my-Zsh, and Posh-Git command lines all in one terminal via multiple tabs. Open each command line in separate split panes, all in […]

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Azure Databricks

How to Integrate Azure Databricks Notebooks with GitHub

Jon Wood  shows us how to link your Azure Databricks Notebooks with a GitHub repository. 

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Data Science

A Poem About Accuracy, Precision, and Recall

Someone asked me about accuracy, precision, and recall today. I wish had known about this poem.

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Big Data SQL Server

SQL Server Licensing: Big Data Clusters

In this video, learn about how to license a Big Data Cluster in SQL Server 2019. The video also talks about the Software Assurance benefits that are available for Big Data Cluster deployments. Learn more:

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Get Started Building Apps of Every Kind with the Power Platform

Join Dona and Sarah as they talk to the amazing Keith Whatling about how anyone can get started building applications using the technology within the PowerPlatform. Keith is a Principal Technologist at QUANTIQ and dedicates a great deal of his time to the community. This includes speaking at worldwide events, mentoring and providing insight into […]

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Data Science, Convolutional Neural Networks, and Machine Learning in the Cloud

This is Part 3 of a four-part series that breaks up a talk that Seth Juarez gave at the Toronto AI Meetup. Parts 1 and 2  introduce basic machine learning concepts as well as specific models using TensorFlow respectively. In this video he goes more in depth into an example of a common data science […]

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