Day: February 21, 2020

Azure Data Science

How to use Jupyter Notebooks in Azure Data Studio

Vicky Harp joins Scott Hanselman to show how Azure Data Studio combined the simple and robust SQL query editing experience of tools like SSMS with the flexibility and collaboration of Jupyter Notebooks. The November 2019 release of Azure Data Studio included SQL Server 2019 Guide as a Jupyter Book, which provides a richer troubleshooting experience.      […]

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Data Visualization Javascript

Free 12 Hour Data Visualization with D3.js has provided this full 12 hours course on data visualization with D3.js In this data visualization course, you’ll learn how to transform data into meaningful graphical forms using D3.js and web technologies. D3 is a JavaScript library for visualizing data with HTML, SVG, and CSS. Besides teaching all about D3, this beginner’s course also […]

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FinTech Python

Python For Finance

Computer Science  has a great tutorial focusing on using Python for Finance. Code on GitHub.

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Andrew Ng on Deep Learning, Education, and Real-World AI

Lex Fridman lands an interview with the one and only Andrew Ng. Andrew Ng is one of the most impactful educators, researchers, innovators, and leaders in artificial intelligence and technology space in general. He co-founded Coursera and Google Brain, launched,, and the AI fund, and was the Chief Scientist at Baidu. As a […]

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Quantum Computing

Shohini Ghose on a Beginner’s Guide to Quantum Computing

A quantum computer isn’t just a more powerful version of the computers we use today; it’s something else entirely, based on emerging scientific understanding — and more than a bit of uncertainty. Enter the quantum wonderland with TED Fellow Shohini Ghose and learn how this technology holds the potential to transform medicine, create unbreakable encryption […]

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