Day: February 19, 2020

Machine Learning TensorFlow

Optimization, Machine Learning Models, and TensorFlow

This is Part 2 of a four-part series that breaks up a talk that Seth Juarez gave at the Toronto AI Meetup. (Watch Part 1) Index: [00:13] Optimization (I explain calculus!!!) [04:40] Gradient descent [06:26] Perceptron (or linear models – we learned what these are in part 1 but I expound a bit more) [07:04] […]

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AI Speech and Voice

Demoing Custom Speech and Language Pre-built AI Models

Noelle shares this demo from the VOICE Summit showing off Custom Speech and Custom Language Pre-built AI Models

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SQL Server

How To Create a Persistent Log Buffer in SQL 2019

Persistent Log Buffers, sometimes referred to as tail of log caching, uses persistent memory to persist the database log buffer, eliminating bottlenecks that may occur on busy systems waiting for the log buffer to flush to disk. A process known as log hardening. Learn more here. [00:00] Intro [00:45] Positioning persistent log buffer [01:13] Persistent […]

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Azure ESP32 Dev Kit Board and Resources

Microsoft Developer Want to use Azure IoT service with your Azure ESP32 Board? Eric and Tara from the Azure IoT team join Pamela on this demo heavy IoT Show episode to tell us how to use the Azure IoT C SDK port for ESP32.  Be sure to check out the repo.

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Natural Language Processing

Power Virtual Agents

Laura Rogers walks us through an introductory, high level demo of new Power Virtual Agents in Dynamics CRM in the Microsoft Power Platform.

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