Businesses can now run cloud intelligence directly on IoT devices at the edge managed by Azure IoT Central (

This new feature helps businesses connect and manage Edge devices, deploy edge software modules, publish insights, and take actions at-scale – all from within IoT Central.

In this episode of the IoT Show, Ranga Vadlamudi, Principal PM in the Azure IoT team joins Olivier to demo how the integration works.

To learn more about IoT Edge devices support in Azure IoT Central, visit

Here’s an interesting AI/geospatial talk posted by Esri Events

In 2018, the DoD’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) selected Esri to operationalize artificial intelligence in a geospatial context. See how Esri is working with the JAIC to develop the workflows and AI models to turn imagery into actionable products.

Geek’s Lesson shares this full intro course on quantum physics.

Course Index:

  • Introduction to quantum mechanics (0:00)
  • The domain of quantum mechanics (16:21)
  • Key concepts in quantum mechanics (28:00)
  • A review of complex numbers (37:00)
  • Complex numbers examples (1:05:00)
  • Probability in quantum mechanics (1:18:00)
  • Probability distributions and their properties (1:29:00)
  • Variance of probability distributions (1:55:00)
  • Normalization of the wavefunction (2:9:00)
  • Position, velocity, and momentum from the wavefunction (2:37:00)
  • Introduction to the uncertainty principle (3:04:00)
  • Key concepts of QM, revisited (3:17:00)
  • Separation of variables and the Schrodinger equation (3:31:00)
  • Stationary solutions to the Schrodinger equation (4:03:00)
  • Superposition of stationary states (4:23:00)
  • Potential functions in the Schrodinger equation (4:54:00)
  • Infinite square well (particle in a box) (5:16:00)
  • Infinite square well states, orthogonality and completeness (Fourier series) (5:37:00)
  • Infinite square well example computations and simulation
  • Quantum harmonic oscillator via ladder operators
  • Quantum harmonic oscillator via power series
  • Free particles and the Schrodinger equation
  • Free particle wave packets and stationary states
  • Free particle wave packet example