Day: February 1, 2020

How to Do Gesture Identification Through Machine Learning on Arduino

How to Do Gesture Identification with Machine Learning on Arduino

Classify gestures from accelerometer data directly on your Arduino with the power of machine learning. In this Arduino machine learning project, we’re going to use an accelerometer sensor to identify the gestures you play. This is a remake of the project found on the TensorFlow blog. Read more

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OpenAI goes all-in on Facebook’s Pytorch machine learning framework
Python TensorFlow

OpenAI Goes All-In on Pytorch

This is an interesting turn of events. In what might only be perceived as a win for Facebook, OpenAI today announced that it will migrate to the social network’s PyTorch machine learning framework in future projects, eschewing Google’s long-in-the-tooth TensorFlow platform. [..] In a blog post, the company cited PyTorch’s efficiency, scalability, and adoption as […]

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Data Science Ethics

12 Cognitive Biases Explained

Cognitive biases are flaws in logical thinking that clear the path to bad decisions, so learning about these ideas can reduce errors in your thought process. It can also impact data science and AI. Anchoring Bias Availability Heuristic bias Bandwagon Bias Choice Supportive Bias Confirmation Bias Ostrich Bias Outcome Bias Overconfidence Placebo bias Survivorship Bias […]

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