Day: January 31, 2020

AI Philosophy Fridays Science

Do Feedback Loops Create Consciousness?

Very often I am asked when (or whether) we will create a conscious AI. I scratch my chin and ask “how would you define consciousness?” The answer usually involves something about “self-awareness.” I then point out that by that definition, your car is conscious as it has a “check engine light,” which is part of […]

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AI Reinforcement Learning

AI Safety Gym

Rob Miles of Computerphile  discusses the idea of a gym for training AI algorithms.

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Farmbeats: AI, Edge and IoT for Agriculture

With Farmbeats, Microsoft is making data-driven agriculture simple and affordable. Watch this intriguing episode to learn about Farmbeats, ( a new Azure offering currently in preview and available on Azure Marketplace. Understand how Farmbeats enables partners to make farmers more efficient by providing visibility into how much water is in the soil, what the soil […]

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A 10 Hour Free C++ Programming Tutorial

Caleb Curry has everything you need to know to get started as a C++ Programming Software developer / Software engineer — starting off with the super basics and then to intermediate topics. Time indexes are below the video so you can jump to the section you want. Timestamps: 1:09 – Intro 9:31 – Installing g++ […]

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How do Viruses Jump from Animals to Humans?

TED-Ed explains the science of how viruses can jump from one species to another and the deadly epidemics that can result from these pathogens. Here’s a story that happened right here in Maryland. At a Maryland country fair in 2017, farmers reported feverish hogs with inflamed eyes and running snouts. While farmers worried about the […]

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