Day: January 29, 2020


This equation will change how you see the world

Veritasium fascinates with this exploration of a mathematical formula that keeps cropping up all over the place.

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David Chalmers on the Hard Problem of Consciousness

Lex Fridman interviews David Chalmers in this thought provoking interview on consciousness. David Chalmers is a philosopher and cognitive scientist specializing in philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and consciousness. He is perhaps best known for formulating the hard problem of consciousness which could be stated as “why does the feeling which accompanies awareness of […]

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The ultimate performance for your big data with SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters
Big Data SQL Server

The Ultimate Performance for Big Data with SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters

Here’s a great blog post on SQL Server 2019 Big Data Cluster and how it integrates Microsoft SQL Server and the best of big data open-source solutions. Our testing demonstrates that the performance scales linearly from 1TB to 100TB datasets seamlessly and the various system resources are effectively utilized. Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Big Data […]

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Azure Big Data

Big Data Cluster High Availability

In this video learn about the high availability options you have for the mission critical services running within the SQL Server Big Data Clusters. Find out more here:

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Azure SQL Server

Azure SQL Data Discovery and Classification

Chris Seferlis covers the Data Discovery and Classification options available in Azure SQL Database offerings in this video.

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AI Computer Vision

Explainable Computer Vision with Grad-CAM

Siraj Raval explores why does a computer algorithm classify an image the way that it does? This is a question that is critical when it comes to AI applied to diagnostics, driving, or any other form of critical decision making. In this video, he raises awareness around one technique in particular that I found called […]

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