Day: January 19, 2020

AI Virtual Reality

A Neural Network that Performs Foveated Rendering

Two Minute Papers  examines The paper “DeepFovea: Neural Reconstruction for Foveated Rendering and Video Compression using Learned Statistics of Natural Videos.”

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Azure CosmosDB

Bulk and Transactional Batch Operations with the Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDK

Matías Quaranta (@ealsur) shows Donovan Brown (@donovanbrown) how to do bulk operations with the Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDK to maximize throughput, and how to use the new Transactional Batch support to create atomic groups of operations. Related Links: Bulk import data to Azure Cosmos DB SQL API account by using the .NET SDK Introducing […]

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How to Set Up a Direct Interconnection Between Azure and OCI

Romit Girdhar, Microsoft (@romitgirdhar) and Chinmay Joshi, Oracle join Lara Rubbelke to explain how to interconnect Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud interoperability partnership enables you to migrate and run mission-critical enterprise workloads across both clouds, seamlessly connecting Azure services, like Analytics and AI, to Oracle Cloud services, like […]

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